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Webinar: Building a Scalable, Healthy Practice with Subscriptions

Posted by Dan Lear on January 12, 2021
Dan Lear

We've been talking a LOT about subscription legal services lately. In fact, check out our recently launched Subscription Legal Services Resource Center where we've collected a bunch of our best subscription-related content all in one place.

Our friends over at LAWCLERK also have subscriptions on the brain but are coming at it from a new and compelling angle: hiring. LAWCLERK recently launched their  Virtual Associate Subscription Program which allows attorneys and law firms to hire virtual associates on a sliding, recurring basis. Want a virtual associate for just a few hours a month? No problem! Need someone to dig in deep at an almost-full-time level? LAWCLERK's got you. 

We wanted to share all the opportunities for subscriptions both to grow and manage your firm in one place at one time, so we're teaming up with LAWCLERK for a webinar. Join us for: 

Building a Scalable, Healthy Practice with Subscriptions on January 21, 2021


Kristin Tyler from LAWCLERK and I will discuss all the ways that you can grow and scale your firm with subscriptions. Of course, as we've been shouting from the rooftops, they're a great way to grow your business, smooth out your revenue, and improve your relationships with clients. But they can also help you on the management side too. Many attorneys have too much to do but are nervous about hiring: "I don't want to be responsible for someone." They think. "What if all this work goes away?" They worry. LAWCLERK's Virtual Associate Subscription Program allows you to scale up or scale down the amount of an associate's time that you use, allowing you to ease into hiring, if that's what you want, or grow and scale your firm with an army of virtual associates all without the need to hire.

So, tune in on the 21st to hear how subscriptions can change the way you think about - and more importantly, operate - your practice.

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