Design, Build and Own Your Embedded Payments Roadmap

We help you embed payments and other financial management features directly into your application. Our legal-specific integration tools allow you to get started quickly and accelerate your growth as you take ownership of the experience. Use Gravity Legal to make your clients' embedded finance experience unique to your application and a competitive advantage rather than a commodity.

Value to Firms

Get Started Quickly

The Gravity Legal GraphQL API puts you in the driver’s seat, helping you easily get and manage only the data you need. Use Gravity Legal simply to process payments or leverage additional features such as our client and matter balance database.  

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Accelerate Growth

By integrating with Gravity Legal, you get immediate access to legal-specific features without having to build them yourself:

  • Trust account compliance management
  • Unlimited trust and operating bank accounts linked to a single firm
  • Payments and money transfers tracked by client and matter
  • Client and matter outstanding balance and payment history
  • Split trust/operating payments
  • Trust-to-operating bank account transfers

Own the Experience

Have us help with client support, sales and onboarding or choose to take these functions in-house. 

We'll give you tools and help you build legal-specific embedded payments expertise on your team, so you can control more of the experience and realize greater financial opportunity.

Benefit as We Build

Our API is designed so that when we add new features and tender types, your clients get immediate access without any additional development work on your part. Past examples of these “pre-loaded” features include:

  • Automatically charging credit card fees to clients at the time of payment
  • Fully integrated ACH bank transfer acceptance
  • Split trust/operating payments
  • Debit only acceptance for debtor-side bankruptcy law firms

Unlike industry generic solutions, we’re 100% dedicated to helping law firms succeed. As a result, our product roadmap focuses on the tools and features specific to the business of law.  

Leverage Pre-Built Integrations

Get instant access to pre-built integrations such as Zapier and QuickBooks, so payments made through your platform can be automatically marked in QuickBooks or used as triggers in the Zapier community of connected applications.

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