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Blog series on subscription legal services 

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Read our five-part blog series on subscription legal services. 

This series is great for solos or firms getting started with subscription legal services. Check out each post here:

  1. What are subscription legal services?
  2. The “why” of subscription legal services
  3. The ethics of subscription legal services
  4. How to launch your subscription legal services offering
  5. Tools for your subscription legal services offering



Finally, check out the 6(!) Financially Legal podcast episodes we've done on subscription legal services

From Jon Tobin to Kim Bennett to Allen Rodriguez, we've talked to a wide variety of legal professionals who offer subscription legal services.

Episode 5: Can you sell legal services by subscription? Should you? An interview with Jon Tobin from Counsel for Creators


Jon Tobin Thumnail-1


Episode 7: How do you “show up” for your clients? And what does a premium subscription have to do with that? An interview with Kim Bennett from K. Bennett Law

Episode 07 Kim Bennett-1

Episode 9: A legal “plan?” What does that even mean? And why would you sell one to contractors? An interview with Seth Bloom from Levelset

Seth Bloom V2



Episode 15: Can you do that with your law practice? An interview with Megan Zavieh of Zavieh Law and Lawyers Gone Ethical 
Includes a discussion of the ethics of subscription legal services.

Megan Zavieh  V2


Episode 16: Could you be an outsourced general counsel? An interview with Beth Lebowitz from Auxana and Nimbus Legal

Beth Lebowitz V2


Episode 18: How do you get started with a subscription legal services offering? An interview with Allen Rodriguez of One400

Allen Rodriguez V2