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On Monday August 23rd Gravity Legal will give a presentation on subscription legal services as a part of their broader half-day program: "Making your Legal Practice More Efficient in 2021: Outsourcing, legal subscriptions, modern project management, and the Agile Methodology"

Specifically, Dan Lear, head of marketing and partnerships at Gravity Legal, will present "Legal subscription billing models: The evolution of subscription offerings, the ethics, and tools and resources available." Dan will discuss the definition of subscription legal services, ethical issues around subscription legal services, how to build your own subscription legal services offering, and much more.

Learn more about the program and register here.

To learn more about subscription legal services, check out the Gravity Legal Subscription Legal Services Resource Center with links to 6 podcast episodes, our subscription legal services blog post series, and our subscription legal services getting started guide. You can also download the guide directly here.

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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