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Gravity Legal's Dan Lear on Law Firm Autopilot with Ernie 'the Attorney' Svenson

Posted by Dan Lear on December 5, 2020
Dan Lear

Ernie “the Attorney” Svenson has been thinking about law, tech, and making law practices work better for lawyers for a long time. So, we were stoked when he invited our own Dan Lear to be a guest on his Law Firm Autopilot podcast.

The occasion was the recent release of Gravity Legal’s subscription legal services white paper and the topic was . . . wait for it . . . subscription legal services.

Dan and Ernie talked about subscription fatigue (fact or fiction?), the importance of a solid value proposition for subscription legal services, how to get started with subscription legal services, how subscriptions can allow you to leverage your highest and best use as an attorney, the economics of law firm subscriptions and how that’s related to niche marketing, and how Gravity Legal is different from LawPay.

Check out the episode here and a big thanks to Ernie for the invitation!

Topics: Business of Law, Gravity Legal News

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