Using QR Codes to Help Clients Pay on Paper Invoices

This articles covers how to generate and use a QR code to make it easier for clients to pay when receiving paper invoices. 

We highly recommend emailing your invoices. But if you must mail invoices, use a QR code, so clients can scan the code and be redirected to your Gravity Legal payment page. 

1. Create a Standing Link in Gravity Legal. 

2. Use a QR code generator to  build a free QR code. Setup the code so that it redirects to the Standing Link created above. 

3. Add the QR code to your invoice template or as a separate sheet of paper that accompanies the invoice.

4. Clients then scan the QR code, are redirected to the Standing Link and make the payment. 

Try scanning the example code below. 

QR code for Standing Link 

For additional information contact support.

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