Episode 20: How do you build a “cloud-based” law firm? An interview with Tim Parlatore and Elana Bertram of Parlatore Law Group


If you’ve considered or are considering a virtual, remote, distributed or cloud-based law firm model, this episode is for you. 

Parlatore Law Group’s mission is right there on the website:

“Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality legal services at a reasonable rate. We do this by removing all the barriers, bureaucracy and bloated overhead costs associated with traditional law firms, and instead, focus on unleashing the energy and individual genius of the best legal minds in the industry.”

As we’ve all learned, taking your firm “virtual” is more than just sending everyone home with laptops. Firms need to think about everything from culture and camaraderie to getting the right technology to coordinating time zones and even Zoom etiquette. 

In this episode, I speak with Elana Bertram, a Partner at Parlatore Law Group and Tim Parlatore Founder and Managing Partner at Parlatore Law Group. As just a sampling, we discuss:

  • The difference between a virtual and a cloud-based law firm.
  • How Elana and Tim built a distributed, cloud-based, law firm.
  • The business opportunities for a firm focused on low-overhead and high value.
  • Which clients are particularly attracted to this model. 
  • How to find and recruit colleagues to a cloud-based firm.
  • How Parlatore Law has succeeded by recruiting, supporting, and championing veterans and active duty and veteran families along with groups who have been traditionally discriminated against in legal. 
  • About the tools and technologies cloud-based firms need to function effectively.
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