Gravity Legal Database of Legal Zapier Integrations

Zapier is really powerful. Some law firms struggle to get the most out of it not because they don't know how to use Zapier but because they don't know about everything it can do.

We decided to try and solve that in two key ways.

First, while Zapier has over 2000 integrations what we couldn't easily find on was a list of all of the legal-specific integrations.  So, we've started a simple database of all the legal tools that connect with Zapier in one meaningful way or another. Check out our list below and add yourself to the list here.


Second, beyond simply knowing about the relevant legal-specific Zapier integrations we're also working on gathering examples of legal workflows built with Zapier. We mentioned a number of them in our recently posted blog post and podcast on the topic. If you've got an awesome legal-related Zap, tell us about it here.

Happy Zapping! 


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