Jim Meadows from Culhane Meadows

Episode 45. What does it take to get a collections rate of 95% and how does that intersect with diversity, transparency, and compensation? An interview with Jim Meadows from Culhane Meadows

How, if at all, do compensation, diversity, and transparency overlap? How can these competing priorities be reconciled? Jim Meadows from Culhane Meadows doesn’t have the perfect answer. But he’s giving it a solid try.


With 75 lawyers and 11 office locations, Culhane Meadows is the largest full-service women-owned law firm in the country. And in each of the last three years, the average female partner at the firm has outearned the average male partner.

The firm was cloud-based from the jump, is growing rapidly and, most important for us financial nerds, boasts a collection rate above 90%.

Curious about how Culhane Meadows does it? Listen on to hear Jim Meadows founding partner, CFO, and wearer-of-many-other-hats talk about how they started the firm, how they’ve grown and how they keep the firm financially strong.

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