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Announcing our Integration with Zapier

Gravity Legal is pleased to announce that our Zapier integration is now in beta. Not only that, but we're the first legal-specific payments provider with a public Zapier integration.*

If you aren’t familiar with Zapier it’s a web application that allows customers to connect otherwise disparate systems together. This may not sound very sexy but before we judge, let’s dig in a bit.

The Cloud is great . . . but disparate

Cloud-based practice management systems like Clio, Leanlaw, Lawcus or others provide a lot of computing power at a very competitive price. The challenge is that many of these systems are specifically designed to perform a limited number of tasks, or they’re simply better at certain tasks than others, or there’s some other system that a law firm wants to use that doesn’t integrate with the practice management system. As a few cases in point, look at a quick list of just a few of systems used by those lawyers and firms that I interviewed as part of my DIY practice management article for the ABA GPSolo Magazine and podcast on the same topic:

  • Airtable
  • Docusign
  • PaperForm
  • Webflow
  • The GSuite
  • Trello
  • Freshbooks
  • And many more

Your powers combined

It’s great that lawyers have access to all this technology but the real power comes when those technologies that don’t have overlapping strengths are connected. And while companies want their lawyer customers to have the power that connected offerings provide, they can’t build an integration with every other possible platform or else they’d do nothing but build and maintain integrations.

This is where Zapier comes in! Instead of every platform building an integration to every other platform, a platform can build an integration with Zapier and then be connected to any other platform that has also built a connection with Zapier. Oh, and you don’t need a knowledge of coding to connect applications using Zapier. 

Zapier is a boon for law firm efficiency and automation.

Introducing the Gravity Legal Zapier integration

The Gravity Legal Zapier integration is the first legal-specific payments integration for Zapier. Using the Gravity Legal Zapier integration you can put in a request to and receive a custom payment link from the Gravity Legal platform. Depending on the Zapier functionality of the other platforms to which you connect Gravity Legal via Zapier you may also be able to automatically mark that payment as paid in Zapier as well.

As part of the launch of Gravity Legal on Zapier, we’ve created the following Zaps:

  2. Print all incoming payments through Gravity Legal to Google Sheets
  3. Send a payment request after an appointment is booked in Acuity Scheduling.
  4. Send a payment request after an appointment is booked in Calendly.
  5. Apply a payment in Gravity Legal to a Xero invoice.
  6. Send a payment request when a card moves in Trello.
  7. Send out payment requests to clients on regular intervals using Zapier’s embedded scheduler.

Additional resources

We’ve put together a number of resources to help the automation-eager law firm speed up the path to powerful Zapier workflows.

For even more guidance, check out these awesome examples from some other legal Zapier rockstars:

*So far as we could tell.

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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