Chelsea Williams - Financially Legal

Episode 6: An episode about accounting? Really? An interview with Chelsea Williams from Core Solutions Group, Inc.

I know you didn’t go to law school to manage financials or be an accountant, but it turns out that your ability to successfully support and represent your clients is contingent upon running a sound business. And Chelsea Williams, founder and head of Core Solutions Group, is dropping some wisdom about how to manage your firm’s finances so that you can worry less about money and more about your clients. 

We also cover Chelsea’s hit YouTube video “Four Steps to Effective Accounts Receivable” and the slightly lesser-known TV show "The Profit" with Marcus Lemonis on CNBC. Tune in and soak up the accounting and business genius.

We discuss:

  • Understanding where you are financially
  • How to understand profit vs. numbers on your balance sheet
  • Trust accounting!
  • Covid and the impact it's having on firms
  • Chelsea's take on the types of people in law-firm accounting
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