Using Gravity Legal with Xero Invoicing

This article outlines the process for using Gravity Legal to get paid for invoices and trust deposit requests through Xero.  

Setting Up Gravity Legal in Xero

1. In Xero, click the name of the firm in the upper right of the home screen. On the menu, click Settings and then Payment services.

2. Select Other Available Payment Services - Add Other - Custom Payment URL.

3. In Gravity Legal, create a variable amount Standing Link. Make sure to enter instructions in the client notes field, so you know to what invoice each payment should be applied. 

Client Notes Field

4.  In Xero, add Gravity Legal in the Name field, and past the URL for the Standing Link in the Custom URL field. Click Save.

Custom Payment Settings


5. Click Manage Themes on the Payment Services page and add Gravity Legal to the appropriate billing theme.

Note: To accept trust payments, we recommend creating a separate billing theme in Xero. Repeat the steps above to add a Gravity Legal trust payment service with a Standing Link that will deposit into the firm's trust account. Then attach that service to the firm's trust billing theme. The final setup on the Payment Services page in Xero should look similar to the screenshot below.  

Payment Services 

6. When payments are made through Gravity Legal, you must apply these payments to the appropriate invoice in Xero. 

For additional information contact support.

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