Stored Payment Methods

Stored Payment Methods are built with the idea of making payments a little less cumbersome for clients, allowing them to store their payment details securely for future transactions.

There are two steps to getting paid through a Stored Payment Method in Gravity Legal.

1) Create a Stored Payment Method.

2) Process the Stored Payment Method.

Create a Stored Payment Method

1. On the Payments tab in the left navigation, click on the Stored Payment Methods.

2. On the Stored Payments tab, click Select Client .

3. In the dropdown for Select Client, select the client from the list.

Stored payment method


4. Once the client is selected, there are two options. Either the link can be sent directly to the client to fill out their payment information, or the payment method details can be collected from the client and entered in the "Enter Payment Method Details" section.

Process stored payment method


5. Once the payment method information is stored, the Stored Payment Method will be listed. Optionally, add a nickname to the payment method for better tracking. 


6. This information will also be available on the Clients tab.

View stored payment method


Process the Stored Payment Method

1. Click the Process Payment option from the Stored Payment Methods listing table.

Process a stored payment method

3. Enter the amount to process, the deposit bank account, the matter (optional) and the email address for the receipt.

Confirm stored payment method

4. Click on Confirm Details.

5. On the Confirm Payment Details panel, click Process Payment.

successful stored payment method


6. An email receipt will be sent to the payer as well as any recipient email address added in Settings - Firm Details under Payment Notifications.

For additional information contact support.

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