Standing Links Setup

A Standing link can be used by multiple clients and never gets paid down unlike a standard payment link. A standing link can be a fixed amount, a subscription or a variable amount, allowing the client to type in the amount they would like to pay.

This article outlines the process of creating a standing link. For information on  embedding a Gravity Legal standing link as an iframe on your firm's website, see this article

Creating a Standing Link

1. Navigate to Payments - Standing Links and click +New Standing Link.


2.  Complete the required fields.

A) Make Standing Link a Subscription. Choose to create a standing link such that it initiates recurring payments when a client enters payment information into the link (see below for details).

B) Link Name. This is an internal name for the standing link (ie "Invoice Link").

C) Forwarding URL. This is an optional field. If a valid URL is entered, the client will be redirected to this page after completing a payment on this link.

D) Deposit Account. This is the bank account into which funds will be deposited after the payment is made. 

E) Amount. This can be left blank, in which case the client will be prompted to enter the amount they would like to pay. Enter an amount in this field to create a standing link of a specific amount (Note: partial payments are not allowed on standing links).

F) +New Deposit Account. This is only available if an amount is specified. This feature allows you to set up a split standing link that will deposit the designated amounts into two bank accounts. 

Split Standing Link  

G) Payment Methods. Select the payment methods the link will accept, and if surcharging is enabled at the firm level, select whether to impose the surcharge on credit cards on this link. 

H) Determine whether to include the Client Notes field. The information entered by the client in this field will show up in Transaction Reports and on the Standing Link transaction table. The label of this field can be customized by entering information in the Customize Label field. 

I) Click Create Standing Link.


Creating a Subscription Standing Link

1. To create a standing link that will initiate automated recurring payments, click Make this Standing Link and Subscription. Many of the fields are identical to those listed above, however there are additional options:

Subscription Standing Link

A) Amount per Payment. This is the amount of each automated recurring payment.

B) Billing Frequency. This can either be monthly or weekly. The first transaction will always be run at the time the client fills out the link, and all subsequent payments will be made on that weekday (if weekly) or that day of the month (if monthly). If a certain day does not appear in a given month (ie the 31st), then the transaction will be run on the last day of the month. 

C) Repeat Until. This sets the duration of the recurring payments. Options include:

  • Ongoing - processes on the designated schedule until cancelled
  • Total Dollar Amount - processes on the designated schedule until a total dollar amount is reached (Note: the final payment may be smaller than the Amount per Payment in order to not exceed the Total Dollar Amount. 
  • Number of Payments - processes on the designated schedule for a given number of payments. 
For additional information contact support.

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