Setting up the Soluno - Gravity Legal Integration

The article covers how to set up the Soluno - Gravity Legal integration. For information on how to bill clients and account for payments through the integration, see this article

Creating a Gravity Legal Account

If you already have a Gravity Legal account, skip to the next section. If you do not have a Gravity Legal account, please see this article to get started. 


Linking your Gravity Legal account to Soluno

1. In Soluno, navigate to Settings - Service Configuration - Credit Cards

2. Select Gravity Legal and click Configure

Gravity Legal Soluno Integration

3. If you are not already logged into your Gravity Legal account, you will be prompted to login. Once logged in, the connection will be initialized. 

4. Link each deposit bank account in Gravity to a bank account in Soluno by selecting the Soluno account in the dropdown menu next to each Gravity Legal bank account nickname. 

5. Ensure your account is configured to enable payment links to appear on invoices. For help with this step, contact Soluno support. Once added, you will see the payment processor link code snippet in Settings - Billing - Bill Display

Bill Settings - Soluno

You are now ready to send invoices and trust deposit requests for electronic payment. 

For additional information contact support.

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