Merging Clients

This article covers how to merge two clients in Gravity Legal. 

1. Navigate to the Clients tab on the left menu. 

2. Select the three dots icon on the far right of the client you wish to merge into another client. Select Merge.

Select Client


3. Select the client you wish to remain after the merge. 

Merge Client

4. Click Merge, and all Contacts, Matters, Transactions, Payment Links, Subscriptions and Stored Payment Methods from the originally-selected client will be added under the newly-selected client. The originally-selected Client will then be deleted. 

Note: Clients created in third-party systems like QuickBooks are unable to be merged into other clients. In addition, if a Gravity client is merged into a QuickBooks client, then past transactions under the old Gravity client that was merged into the QuickBooks client will not be recorded in QuickBooks. 

For additional information contact support.

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