LeanLaw Integration - Sending and Accounting for Trust Requests

This page outlines how to send trust requests and account for those requests once paid through the LeanLaw integration.

For instructions on setting up your LeanLaw integration, see LeanLaw Integration - Setup. 

Note: To use this feature, you must have either Credit/Debit or ACH processing enabled on your Gravity Legal account. 

Sending a Trust Request

1. In LeanLaw Navigate to Billing - Trust Account.

2. Click Request Funds and fill in the required fields. 

To set a default CC email address for trust requests, in LeanLaw navigate to Settings - QuickBooks, and add a CC address. Note that if a CC address is set on the client record in LeanLaw, that will override the default address.

LeanLaw - Trust Request

3. After clicking Request Funds, an email will automatically be sent to the client email address on file in LeanLaw with an option to pay the amount online using any of the payment methods you have enabled in Gravity Legal.

Trust Request Email-1

4. Once the client pays the trust request online, or a manual payment has been entered in the Gravity Legal system, this payment will be added to the trust liability sub account in Quickbooks associated with that client and matter (if the trust request has been submitted at the matter level). 

Note: To locate the payment link associated with the trust request, in Gravity Legal, navigate to the Payment Links tab, and filter by client, matter or amount of the request. 

5. To resend a trust request, create a new request through LeanLaw. To ensure the client does not pay the previous request, navigate to the payment link in Gravity Legal associated with the first request, and click View/Edit and Delete Payment Link.   

Note: To view a paid trust deposit in LeanLaw, navigate to Billing - Trust Account. Select the relevant client or matter and click Go To Transaction Report.

Running a Refund

1. To refund a trust request, log in to Gravity Legal.

2. Navigate to the Payment Links tab.

3. Click View/Edit on the payment link you would like to refund.

4. Navigate to the Transaction History at the bottom of the screen and click Send Refund.


5. After confirming, the refund will be sent. It will take 2-4 business days for the funds to show in the client's bank account.

Note: Gravity Legal will not automatically account for the refund. If the original transaction has been settled (sent to your trust bank account), you will need to enter a debit in the amount of the refund against that client and/or matter trust liability sub account in Quickbooks to offset the original transaction. If the transaction has not been settled (voided prior to being sent to your trust account), then no entry is necessary in Quickbooks. Voided transactions will show a status of Void, if you click on the associated payment link and then click View/Edit and view the transaction history table. Transactions for a particular day are typically settled at 11:30pm in the time zone of the firm. 

For additional information contact support.

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