Internal Bank Transfers in Gravity Legal

This articles outlines the process for transferring money between your firm's bank accounts using Gravity Legal. 

1. Navigate to Clients - Transfer in the upper righthand corner of the screen.



2. Enter the client associated with the transfer and optionally the matter.

3. Add the reason for the transfer, the "from" and "to" bank accounts and the amount to transfer.

Note: If Manual Transfer is checked, then no money will move between bank accounts, but a transaction will still be recorded for accounting purposes.



4. Click Confirm Details, review the details on the following screen, and then click Transfer Funds. Allow 2-4 business days for the money to move. 

Note: Money transfers run through the ACH system, so if client transactions were processed against the destination bank account on that same day, this transfer will be batched together with those transactions. 

For additional information contact support.

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