Create, Post and iFrame a Standing Link

A Gravity Legal Standing Link is a convenient way for law firms to accept payment. A Standing Link can be used by multiple clients and never gets paid down unlike a standard payment link. A standing link can be a fixed amount, a subscription or a variable amount, allowing the client to type in the amount they would like to pay. These links can be created in the Gravity Legal application and then included, either as a normal hypertext link or iframe on a law firm’s website.

This article outlines the process for embedding a Gravity Legal standing link as an iframe on your law firm's website. 

Standing Link Process Overview

Standing link iframe process law firm


Adding a Standing Link to Your Law Firm's Website

1. Create a Standing Link in Gravity Legal. A Standing Link needs to be connected to a deposit bank account. This is the account into which all payments made on this link will deposit. An optional forwarding URL may also be specified, pointing to the page where the client is taken after completing the payment. To accept payment of a fixed amount, enter that in the Amount field.

2. The Standing Link is placed on the law firm’s website. A Standing Link is a simple URL and may be included in the HTML of any webpage. Another option is to include an iframe and have the standing link URL as the source for this iframe. More on this in a later section. An iframe allows the client to make a payment without leaving the law firm’s web page.

3. A Client makes payment on the law firm’s website. Anyone can make a payment on a Standing Link. There are no login requirements. These links are designed to reduce friction in the payment process. 

4. The law firm associates the payment to client and matter in Gravity Legal. This step allows the Law Firm to keep track of payments against a client and matter.


Here is an example page that includes a standing link as a hyperlink

Here is an example that places a standing link as an iframe


HTML Fragment for IFrame

Below is an example HTML fragment for the iframe. Simply change the URL to match your Standing Link and adjust the height and width to match your webpage. 





title="Gravity Legal Payment Page">


For additional information contact support.

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