Evergreen Retainers Using Clio and Gravity Legal

This article covers how to manage evergreen retainers using Clio and Gravity Legal. With Gravity Legal's split trust/operating payments, firms can implement evergreen retainers without forcing the client to make multiple payments when their trust balance is depleted. 


Setting Balance Thresholds in Clio

The first step is setting up a minimum trust balance notification in Clio. 

1. Click the matter in Clio.

2. Click Edit Matter.

3. Navigate to the Billing Preferences section and check the Trust Balance Notification box.

4. Enter the minimum balance you wish to set. 


Generating a Trust Request

When the client's balance falls below the threshold set in the previous step, you will be notified by email and the trust balance displayed in the matter will turn red. The next step is generating a trust request to bring the client's trust balance to the desired amount.

1. On the matter dashboard in Clio under the Matter trust funds section, select New request.

Clio matter trust funds balance


2. Enter the amount of the trust request.

New Clio trust request

3. Approve the trust request. 


Billing the Client

In Gravity Legal, clients can pay both trust and operating balances simultaneously. 

1. Ensure aggregate payment links are enabled by navigating to Settings - Invoices and enabling Aggregate Payment Links. If aggregate payment links are enabled, when you select more than one bill for the same client, these bills will be combined into the same envelope. 

2. Navigate to Invoices and select both the outstanding invoices for the evergreen retainer matter and the trust request generated in the step above. 

3. Click Review and Send Selected.

Send envelope

4. You will see all of the outstanding invoices and the newly-created trust request in the same envelope. 

5. Send the envelope to the client.

6. The client can pay the entire outstanding balance (including the trust request) with one payment. The money is automatically directed into the proper account. 

Send envelope

7. Mark the bills as paid in Clio by clicking the bill hyperlinks in the Invoices tab. Once marked in Clio, the status will automatically update in Gravity Legal.

Mark Clio bills paid

8. The matter will show a $0 outstanding balance in Clio and the trust balance will be above the minimum threshold. 

Clio outstanding balance

For additional information contact support.

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