Deposit Timelines

This article outlines the standard Gravity Legal deposit timelines. The deposit timeline is the time between a successful client transaction and the time when those funds are deposited into your bank account. 

Note that this article outlines the most common deposit timelines. Actual deposit timelines may vary for your account. 


The deposit timeline is two business days for card payments. For example, transactions processed on Monday are deposited Wednesday.

Bank Transfers (ACH)

The deposit timeline is three business days. For example, transactions processed on Monday are deposited on Thursday. The exact timeline depends on how your bank chooses to post these payments to your account.

Cutoff Times

The cutoff time is considered the end of the day for purposes of the deposit timeline. For example, a transaction processed on Monday after the cutoff time would be bundled with transactions processed on Tuesday prior to the cutoff time. 

Credit/Debit: 11:30pm EST

Bank Transfer (ACH): 6pm EST


Note that banks observe holidays that your firm may not observe. See the Federal Reserve holiday schedule for a complete list of holidays that do not count as business days for the purposes of deposit timelines.  

For additional information contact support.

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