Connecting Gravity Legal and Xero via Zapier

This article covers how to use Zapier to connect Gravity Legal and Xero, such that payments made on Gravity Legal payment links are applied to Xero invoices.

This article assumes that you already have a Gravity Legal account, a Xero account and a Zapier account. For questions on how to use Zapier, see this article



You will start by creating a standing link in Gravity Legal. This standing link will be added to invoice emails sent through Xero in the form of a "Pay Now" button. When a client clicks and pays, they will be prompted to enter their invoice number. If that invoice number is found in Xero, the payment will automatically be applied to that invoice. If not, you will receive an email notification letting you know that the payment was not applied. 


Creating the "Pay Now" Button in Xero

The first step is creating your invoice standing link in Gravity Legal and adding it to Xero's third-party payment integration system. For details on how to do this, see this article.   


Setting Up Zapier to Match a Payment to an Invoice

This "Zap" applies incoming payments in Gravity Legal to Xero invoices when a client enters a valid invoice number in the client notes field on a Gravity Legal standing link. 

1. Login to Zapier and create a new zap. Your trigger will be Gravity Legal - payment processed.

2. Your first action will be Xero - Find Invoice. When setting up the action, set the invoice number field to the Client Notes field in Gravity Legal. 

Xero - Zapier Find Payment 

3. Your second action will be to format the data in order to calculate the amount paid on the transaction in dollars. All transactions in Gravity Legal are in cents, so in order to get the amount in dollars, we select the Zapier formatter, select Number and select Spreadsheet Style Formula. We select the total amount field in Gravity Legal and divide by 100. Your formatter should look like this:

Zapier Formatter 

4. Your third action will be Xero - Create Payment. Create this action so the Document ID Or Number is equal to the invoice number found in step #2, and the amount is equal to the Total Amount that we calculated in step #3. Optionally, use the Payment Created on field in Gravity Legal to populate the date field.

Xero Find Payment - Gravity Legal

4. Test your Zap to ensure that payments with properly entered invoice numbers in the client notes field are showing up in Xero.     

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Create an Unapplied Payment Notice

This "Zap" notifies you when an incoming payment in Gravity Legal was not applied to a Xero invoice. 

1. Create a new "Zap" with steps identical to #1 and #2 above.

2. As the second action, create a Zapier filter that continues only if a valid invoice number was not found.

No invoice found


3. The next action will depend on you email provider. Select your email provider and create an action to have an email sent to the address of your choice, notifying you that a payment was made but was not applied to an invoice. Here is an example of an email message with information about the payment that was not associated. 

Send email notification

4. Try a test payment and make sure not to enter a valid invoice number in the client notes field on the standing link. You should receive a notification, informing you of the unapplied payment. 

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For additional information contact support.

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