Clio Integration - Settings

This page outlines the following features related to the Gravity Legal Clio integration:

  • Enabling Aggregate Payment Links
  • Setting Default Client Email Messaging 

For instructions on how to enable your integration, see Clio Integration - Setup.

For instructions on billing clients and accounting for payments through the integration, see Clio Integration - Billing Clients.

Aggregate Payment Links

When sending out Clio bills through Gravity Legal, you can combine Clio bills (both trust and operating) into one email envelope and allow clients to pay all attached bills by entering payment information only once. 

If aggregate payment links are enabled, when you select more than one bill for the same client, these bills will be combined into the same email. 


Settings Menu

To enable this option:

1. Navigate to Settings - Invoices.

2. Activate the Aggregate Payment Links button

For more details on how to use Aggregate Payment Link while billing, see Clio Integration - Billing Clients


Setting Default Client Email Messaging

When sending out Clio bills through Gravity Legal, you can set a default email message.

To set the default subject and message:

1. Navigate to Settings - Invoices.

2. Write a default Subject and a default Body in the space for Default Email Template provided.

3. Click Save Template.

Clio Integration Settings


For additional information contact support.

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