Clio Integration - Billing Clients


This page outlines the following features related to the Gravity Legal Clio integration:

  • Clio synchronization
  • Billing clients
  • Accounting for payments

For instructions on how to enable your integration, see Clio Integration - Setup.

For instructions on managing your Clio Integration settings, see Clio Integration - Settings

Clio Synchronization

When you log in to Gravity Legal and click on the Invoices tab, all Clio bills are imported into Gravity Legal. Clio bills can also be manually synchronized using the blue “Sync” button in the upper righthand portion of the screen. Changes made in Clio may take up to a minute to show in Gravity Legal. 

By default, the Clio Status filter is set to only show unpaid and paid bills. To see bills in other states, click the Clio Status filter and check the bill states you would like to show. 

Clio Bill States


Billing Clients

  1. Navigate to the Invoices tab. The Clio bill ID will be listed in the left column. The ID number is a hyperlink directly to that bill in Clio. The client and matter fields will also be populated with data from your Clio account. In addition, there will be columns such as Total, Outstanding (Clio) and Paid(GL).

Clio Invoices Home


  1. To send out an individual outstanding invoice or trust request, click the ID checkbox next to that bill.


  1. To select all bills with an outstanding balance in Clio, click the box at the top of the screen next to the ID button. 

Note: This operation will only select invoices or trust requests on the visible page. To add more fields to the page, click the Records per Page option at the bottom of the screen.
Records per page

  1. One the bill(s) are selected, click Review and Send Selected. This will bring up all of the draft emails or envelopes with attached Clio bills. On this screen you can view the bill attached to this email. The subject and email message can also be edited. For instructions on managing your Clio Integration settings, see Clio Integration - Settings.

Clio bill email customization

Note: If the Aggregate Payment Links setting is enabled in the Invoices Settings, and if multiple bills are selected for the same client, those bills will be combined into one email. The recipient will have the option to pay all bills at once. If both trust and operating bills are selected, then the client's payment will be split into two payments and deposited into the proper accounts. To enable Aggregate Payment Links, navigate to Settings - Invoices
The maximum number of bills that can be combined with Aggregate Payment Links is ten. Also, Gravity Legal does not support partial refunds on ACH transactions, so if a client pays through an Aggregate Payment Link by ACH, any refund run on that link will refund the entire amount of the transaction. 

  1. To send each envelope, click Continue in the lower right corner of the screen. To send the envelope, click Send Envelope Now on the next screen.

Send Clio bill

  1. The client will receive an email with the Clio bill attached to that envelope and a link to pay the attached bill.

Clio bill email envelope

Note: If Aggregate Payment Links are enabled, and multiple bills were sent in one envelope, the recipient will have the ability to pay each bill individually or all bills at once. 
Clio bill pay all

  1. Once the envelope is sent, you will be directed to the next envelope until all have been sent. 

Note: To quickly send all envelopes, click Send All Envelopes in the upper right of the screen


This will allow you to view and edit all envelope subjects and email bodies. Click Continue to send all envelopes. 

Send all Clio bills


Accounting for Payments 

1. When a client pays or partially pays an invoice or trust request, that payment will be added to the amount in the Paid(GL) column. 

2. The Outstanding(Clio) column shows the amount listed as outstanding in Clio. To update the bill in Clio to reflect payments made, click on the bill ID hyperlink to go to Clio directly and manually Record Payment. 


 3. Once the payment has been recorded in Clio, the Outstanding(Clio) column will be updated to reflect the current outstanding amount listed in Clio.  

Update Clio bill balance


4. To view the details of the transaction or to run a refund, click on the Payment Link icon assigned to that bill. This link is only generated after that bill is sent to a client for the first time.  

Review transactions

Note: Refunds run on Payment Links associated with Clio bills do not automatically reflect in Clio. You must update the bill accordingly in Clio. 

For additional information contact support.

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