Billing Clients through The Soluno - Gravity Legal Integraiton

This article covers how to accept and account for credit/debit card and bank transfer (ACH) payments on invoices and trust deposit requests through Soluno. For information on setting up the Gravity Legal - Soluno integration, see this article


Adding Electronic Payments on Invoices and Trust Deposit Requests

1. In Soluno, navigate to Billing - Request Invoice

Note: If you would like to email bills directly from Soluno, ensure that an email service is configured in Soluno and that all clients are set up to receive email invoices. 

2. Once the invoice is approved and released, the bill can be emailed directly through Soluno or downloaded as a pdf and sent to the client outside of Soluno. 

3. Once the invoice is finalized, an online payment link will be automatically added to the invoice and the email that goes to the client (if sending directly from Soluno).

Soluno Invoice 

4. You will also see a corresponding payment link in your Gravity Legal account under Payments - Payment Links

5. Clients can then click the link and pay by credit/debit card or online bank transfer (ACH). Optionally charge the credit card fee to the client at the time of payment (U.S. only in states where permitted).

6. Payments made on the invoice are automatically applied to the file in Soluno. 

3 & 8 - Credit card transaction in Soluno

Note: The process is the same for trust deposit requests. To automatically generate trust requests, for each file, set up your retainer arrangement in Soluno in File Manager - General - Billing Settings. This is especially helpful for automating trust requests under the evergreen retainer billing model.


Generating Payment Links

If a client calls your firm to make a payment, or you would like to just resend the payment link to the client, you can get the payment link(s) for a particular contact directly in Soluno. 

1. In Soluno, navigate to Contact Manager - General - Billing/File defaults

2. Click Get Updated Credit Card Link

3. A window will appear with all unpaid payment links for that client. Click the link(s) to accept payment over the phone or to resend to the client. 

Payment link

For additional information contact support.

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