Application Permissions for Firms

This article outlines the access each role has in the Gravity Legal application, how to change this access and invite new team members. 

There are two roles at the firm level in Gravity Legal. To see the role of each user in your firm, navigate to Settings - Active Users.

User Roles



Roles Overview

1. Administrator: An Administrator has access to all of the features in the Gravity Legal application. They can apply to accept payments, edit firm details, invite users and setup integrations. Note: If you are creating a new firm account, you will automatically be assigned the role of Administrator. 

2.  User: A User has access to the entire application except for Settings. A User can still send payment links, process stored payment methods, edit clients/matters and initiate subscriptions. 


Changing Roles

To change the role of a particular user, navigate to Settings - Active Users and click the name of the person you would like to edit. On the next screen, click the User Role menu to change permissions.  

Changing Roles


Inviting a User

To send an invite, go to Settings - Invited Users and click Invite New User. Complete the required fields, select the User Role and click Invite User. An email invite will be sent.

User Invite


For additional information contact support.

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