When will payments be deposited in my bank account?

The time it takes for a payment to be deposited in your bank account depends on the payment method, cut-off times and your bank's processes. This article outlines the most common deposit timelines for Gravity Legal firms.

Tip: to see a projected time frame for your expected deposits, go to your Gravity Legal Deposit Report.

Payment Methods

  • Credit & debit card payments usually get deposited in 2 business days.
  • Bank transfers (ACH payments) usually get deposited in 4 business days.

Cut-Off Times

The cut-off time is considered the end of day for purposes of deposit timelines. For example, a payment processed on Monday after the cut-off time would be bundled with Tuesday's payments.

  • Credit & debit card cut-off is at 11:30 pm EST. *
  • Bank transfer (ACH payment) cut-off is at  6 pm EST.

Please note: 11:30 pm EST is the default cut-off time for US-based firms. Canadian firms have a default cut-off time of 9 pm EST.

Contact support@gravity-legal.com to change your firm's cut-off time.

Banking Processes

Banks may choose to deposit bank transfers (ACH payments) a day or two early, frequently referred to as "Early Pay."

Banks may also observe certain holidays that can impact the deposit timeline and delay your deposit. See the Federal Reserve Holiday Schedule for a complete list of holidays that are not considered business days for the purposes of deposit timelines.