How do I shift card processing fees to my clients?

This article outlines the surcharging feature in Gravity Legal that allows firms to automatically shift the cost of credit card processing to clients at the point of payment.


  • This feature is designed to comply with applicable rules and regulations. For a more detailed look at these rules, see our surcharging guide by state.
  • Your firm must be enabled for surcharging by Gravity Legal.
  • If you do not see this option in Settings > Firm Settings, contact to enable surcharging.

Surcharging for all Credit Card Payments

Once enabled, this feature works without any intervention on the part of the firm. Any time a client pays, whether it be on a payment link, a standing link, a subscription or a stored payment method, these fees will be charged.

  • Navigate to Settings > Firm Settings. Scroll to the Surcharge Fees section.
  • Toggle the Enable Surcharge Fees switch to Active.
  • The surcharge rate is not editable. If you wish to reduce the rate, please contact The rate shown may not be increased.

Disable Surcharging for Payment Links or Standing Links

Your firm may choose to disable surcharging on specific Payment Links or Standing Links.

  • As you create new Payment Links or Standing Links, select your permitted payment methods.
  • Uncheck the box for Add a 3.00% surcharge to credit card payments on this payment link.

Disable Surcharging for Stored Payment Methods

  • As you create new Stored Payment Methods, you can disable the surcharge fees. Uncheck the box for Apply 3.00% surcharge to new credit card stored payment.