How do I integrate Gravity Legal with Xero?

This article outlines how to use Gravity Legal with the Xero invoicing system.


Tip: If you are accepting payments for both trust requests and invoices, we recommend creating two separate standing links - one for trust deposits and one for invoices.

Connect Gravity Legal and Xero

  • Log in to Xero.
  • Click the name of the firm in the upper left corner of the home screen.
  • Click Settings and then select Payment services.
  • In the Other Available Payment Services section, click Add Other.
  • Click Custom Payment URL.
  • Complete the Add Custom URL form.
    • Name: Gravity Legal or (Gravity Legal Trust)
    • Your custom URL: paste the URL from the Standing Link you created earlier.
    • Pay now text: Pay Online
  • Click Save.
  • Click Manage Themes on the Payment Services page and add Gravity Legal to the appropriate billing theme.

Please note: to accept trust payments, we recommend creating a separate billing theme in Xero. Repeat the steps above to add a Gravity Legal (Trust) payment service with a separate Standing Link designated for the trust account. Then attach the Gravity Legal (Trust) service to the trust billing theme.


  • After payments are made, you will need to apply the payments to the corresponding invoice in Xero.

Tip: you can automatically apply the payments to their corresponding invoice using Zapier. See our related article on Connecting Gravity Legal and Xero via Zapier.