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How do I get an account with Gravity Legal?

This article outlines how to create and apply for your Gravity Legal account.

  • Create a Gravity Legal account by clicking here.
  • On the Settings > Payment Methods page, select which services you wish to enable for your firm.screencapture-app-sandbox-gravity-legal-settings-payment-methods-2020-09-21-16_12_40
  • Complete the application and click Submit.screencapture-app-sandbox-gravity-legal-settings-payment-methods-7b537933-69d0-4e5d-a235-79e73a5f0cf2-2020-09-21-16_40_24-edit
  • You will receive an email with your application & agreement forms for e-signature. After you sign the packet, Gravity Legal will notify you by email when your account is ready to process payments.

Tip: Our application has a personal guarantee clause. If you would like to waive the personal guarantee, please upload these items in the Additional Documents section:

  • One additional month of statements for each account;
  • Current balance sheet;
  • Year-to-date income statement or profit and loss statement.