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Webinar: What's your law practice worth?

Posted by Dan Lear on September 17, 2020
Dan Lear

A couple of weeks back we worked with Tom Lenfestey from the Law Practice Exchange to develop a simple calculator to help legal professionals to estimate the value of their legal practice.  We launched the calculator in conjunction with an episode of our Financially Legal podcast in which I interviewed Tom and discussed the whys and hows of law practice valuation as well as buying and selling practices. 

Both the calculator and podcast proved quite popular so we've arranged to do a webinar with Tom on the topic of law practice valuation. On Thursday September 24 at 9 AM PDT Tom will join me for an exclusive webinar about how lawyers can maximize the value of their law practice to arrange for a sale or simply improve its cash output.

This special event could change the future of your firm. Join us to learn how to increase the value of your firm.

This event has already happened. View the recording below.

Topics: Business and Culture, Business of Law

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