Webinar: Should you charge for initial consultations?

Many lawyers have no problem billing by the hour until it comes to initial consultations. Then things get complicated really quickly.

Some practice areas, like personal injury, practically demand them. But for many other practice areas lawyers have a wide variety of responses - including throwing up ethics-related objections - when you ask them whether they charge for early-stage advice.

  • Should lawyers charge for initial consultations?
  • Can the decision to do so affect  a firm's economic health?
  • Is building a system to charge for them worth the effort and potential expense?
  • Are there tools out there that make charging for them easy?

On March 8 at 3 PM EST Law Firm Mentor's Allison Williams, Gravity Legal's own Dan Lear, and host Maddy Martin from Smith.ai, will dive into the topic of paid consultations.

Learn how you can leverage the initial consultation - whether or not you ultimately charge for it - on this free webinar. 

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Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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