Skepsis and Gravity

Virtual Event - Work Less, Earn More - How to Make 2021 Your Law Firm's Best Year Yet

Even with the effects of COVID still lingering, we as attorneys have an opportunity to make 2021 our firms' best year yet. Join Gravity Legal and law firm financial consultant Devon Thurtle Anderson of Skepsis Technologies as we explore the unique opportunities 2021 offers for law firms. We'll discuss how firms can seize these opportunities to realize both short and long-term growth. Spoiler alert: Our strategies don't require raising rates or working more hours! In fact, we specifically recommend against that.

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Some of the topics we'll cover include:

  • Weeding out clients who won't pay, before you invest any time or money in a consult or phone call
  • Talking to clients about money in a way that positions you as the valued and trusted advisor, rather than the expensive necessary evil
  • Making paying bills a pleasure for your clients
  • Using trust funds strategically to better serve your clients and protect your firm
  • Turning collections upside-down: how and why collections should be a relationship-building experience between attorney and client, not a relationship-damaging one
  • Reinventing law firm budgeting to take it out of the theoretical and into the practical
  • Work less!

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