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How to Boost Your Collection Rate

Posted by Emery Wager on July 15, 2020

Collection rate is defined as the revenue you actually collect into your operating bank account divided by the total amount invoiced. Typical collection rates for law firms are around 85%, but they vary markedly by firm. Increasing your collection rate is a great way to earn more without actually doing any additional work. 

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Dan Talks Law Firm Finances, Company Culture and More with Mark Homer of GNGF

Posted by Emery Wager on June 27, 2020

Dan Lear was recently interviewed by Mark Homer of legal marketing firm GNGF. Dan and Mark dove into many different topics including: 

  • Company culture
  • A $70,000 minimum wage
  • The Gravity Legal platform
  • Law firm finance
  • Alternative fee structures
  • Expectations of the modern consumer of legal services
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Simple Strategies To Cashflow Success For Your Law Firm (even during COVID)

Posted by Emery Wager on May 30, 2020

Written By Devon Thurtle Anderson, CEO of Financial Consulting Firm, Skepsis

When I first left my law practice to become a law firm bookkeeper and financial strategist, I was shocked to discover how many law firms struggle with cashflow.  Even more surprising was that this struggle isn’t just limited to a few seemingly rag-tag solo general practice firms.  To the contrary, when I had a chance to look under the hood at dozens of law firms’ books and financial records – including law firms I had always seen as hugely successful – I learned that almost every law firm has a cashflow problem within any given 12-month period.  So, as part of my bookkeeping and consulting services, I set out to change that.

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Gravity Legal's Dan Lear Featured on the Clio Daily Matters Podcast

Posted by Emery Wager on April 1, 2020

In this episode of Clio Matters, Dan discusses different ways firms are navigating the new remote work environment. He lists helpful technology resources and tells us whose ideas he's leaning on amidst the chaos (Nate Silver and RJon Robins of How to Manage a Small Law Firm to name a few).  

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Episode 3: Why do trust accounts even exist? And why should we care?

Posted by Dan Lear on March 25, 2020

We get nerdy this episode talking accounting, trust accounting, and regulatory jazz with Lainie Hammond.  Lainie runs a law firm in Washington State helping lawyers with issues related to IOLTA trust account compliance.

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