Two Dans talk Legal Technology on the LawLytics Podcast

I recently joined another attorney Dan, Dan Jaffe, from LawLytics for a great conversation that, yes, touched on Gravity Legal and on Dan's business, LawLytics, but was mostly focused on a favorite topic of mine, legal technology. On the Gravity Legal side we covered Gravity Legal's credit card fee shifting technology and integrated ACH features, the Gravity Legal Zapier integration, and the forthcoming Gravity Legal Quickbooks integration. 

On the legal tech size we talked about Zapier in general - and how lawyers can use it (check out our recent longer form piece and podcast on the topic, as well as a personal favorite, the Gravity Legal legal tech Zapier database). We also discussed some up-and-coming trends and companies in the legal technology space - we mentioned UniCourt and LawGood, among others.

You can listen in here. Big thanks to Dan and the team at LawLytics for having me on.

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