Webinar Recording: Building a Scalable Practice with Subscriptions

Last week I joined Kristin Tyler from LAWCLERK to talk about how lawyers can use subscriptions to build a healthy law firm.

As followers of the blog and Financially Legal podcast know, we've been talking a fair bit about subscriptions over the last few months. We've had a half-dozen podcast episodes on everything from outside general counsel subscriptions to the ethics of subscriptions to getting started with subscriptions.

In this webinar, Kristin and I teamed up to talk subscriptions.  While I covered much of what we've been talking about here on the blog Kristin leaned into LAWCLERK's new virtual associate subscription program. It allows lawyers to hire as little - or as much - of a virtual associate as they need on a monthly basis.

Check out the webinar recording to learn how subscriptions can help you grow and scale both your client base and your operations.




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