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Gravity Legal Presents at the ABA Dispute Resolution Tech Expo

Posted by Emery Wager on September 26, 2020
Emery Wager

This September I had the pleasure of speaking to the innovative lawyers, mediators and greater dispute resolution community members at the American Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Tech Expo. 

In the presentation I shared that every firm we have seen achieve a near-perfect collection rate has employed one of four strategies all under the umbrella of taking payment before the work is done. These four strategies are:

1. Move to a flat fee billing structure

2. Use an evergreen retainer model

3. Move to a subscription legal services model

4. Keep client payment methods on file

For more information on employing these strategies, view the slides from the presentation or watch the 30-min segment below. 


Topics: Firm Financials, Key Performance Metrics, IOLTA

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