Gravity Legal is now included in the Reynen Court Solution Store

Gravity Legal - Now Available in the Reynen Court Solution Store

Vetting, deploying, and managing new technology takes a lot of time and can be expensive. More to the point, while much of today’s cloud computing technology uses some common technologies, the implementation can vary significantly even in the cloud. This can be a real headache for law firms who not only often deal with sensitive information but have specific rules and heightened standards regarding how confidential and privileged information must be protected. 

Reynen Court is trying to change all that. The Reynen Court controller makes it easy for law firms to deploy, evaluate and manage new cloud-based legal technologies on-premises or within a virtual private cloud. Coupled with the controller is the Solution Store, a growing curated catalog of enterprise legal technology providers that covers the critical information that procurement teams need to source and test innovative new technology.

Like nearly every other technology today, the way law firms get paid is cloud-based too. That’s why Gravity Legal is proud to be the first cloud-based payment platform admitted to the Reynen Court Solution Store. As we’ve said before, law practice at any scale can be described in six words: “Get clients. Do work. Get paid.” Reynen Court’s solutions help firms deploy technology to do the first two and now they’ve got the third. 

We recently had Christian Lang, Head of Strategy from Reynen Court, on the Financially Legal podcast. Listen to him wax eloquent with Dan about technology and the future of the cloud and law practice. 

The cloud is the future and Reynen Court is the future of the cloud in legal. Gravity Legal couldn’t be more excited about partnering with them.

Let us help reduce the cost and improve the client experience associated with accepting payments.

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