Episode 23: Can you build a law practice representing criminal defendants and abuse survivors? An interview with Judie Saunders


Judie Saunders doesn't take the easy way.  


Whether you're talking about her efforts to go to law school as the child of immigrants, her chosen practice area that combines criminal defense and representation of abuse survivors, or the lengths to which she's gone to build a consumer friendly law firm using technology, Judie's all in.

In this episode of Financially Legal we talk to Judie Saunders of the Law Firm of Judie Saunders. Judie's worked on Capitol Hill, as a district attorney, a mom, and, now, as a solo practitioner. All of it has honed both her empathy to understand and relate to and her drive and passion to represent marginalized individuals facing entrenched, powerful, often unfair, systems.

Judie's mission to fight for the underdog is undeniable. And it's just the kind of mission we love.

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