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Episode 12: How do you talk to clients about money? Eight mini-interviews with lawyers across the country about a crucial law practice conversation.

Posted by Dan Lear on August 5, 2020
Dan Lear

Conventional wisdom is that there are really only two reasons that marriages end: sex and money. Sex with a client is frowned on and talking about it - except, perhaps as a part of the representation - is probably not a great idea. However, conversations with clients about money can be some of the most important conversations you have with them.

How, when and what you say when you talk to clients about money can have a significant impact on your personal financial and economic well-being and can even affect your emotional well-being. We ask eight lawyers - Jess Birken, Erin Gerstenzang, Claudia Johnson, Jody Winter, Russ Mikow, Ryan Grace, Anne-Marie Rabago and Ashley Jones -  who work in a variety of practice areas how they talk to clients about money.

Topics: Firm Financials, Financially Legal Episodes

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