Episode 1: Intro to Financially Legal

Welcome to the very first episode of Financially Legal, with your host, Dan Lear, head of partnerships and marketing at Gravity Legal. 

There's a growing recognition today, that to build or scale a law firm, it's not enough to simply understand the law. Modern small business owners need to understand a wide variety of disciplines, including finance. 

There's a distinct gap in the conversation today, around the economics and financing of the modern legal sector. The latest technology and modern business practices are changing the legal landscape. So many questions remain unanswered around the way law firms should operate, acquire customers, and think about growth. And each of these questions has important and fascinating financial and economic implications. We are here to tackle these questions.  

Tune in today, to find out more.

Show Highlights:

  • Modern small business owners with bigger aspirations need to understand and be able to use a wide variety of disciplines to grow.
  • It's not enough to simply understand the law if you want to build anything meaningful today.
  • There's a huge gap in conversations about finance and economics in law.
  • Dan gives two key reasons why we need a podcast about finance and economics in legal.
  • Dan explains the premise of Financially Legal.
  • Financially Legal is here to bring a smart, compelling dialogue to the topics of economics and finance, both in law firms and in the legal sector.  

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