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Announcing the Gravity Legal + Clio Integration

Webinar: What's your law practice worth?

Episode 15: Can you do that with your law practice? An interview with Megan Zavieh of Zavieh Law and Lawyers Gone Ethical

Episode 14: How do you sell a law practice? An interview with Tom Lenfestey from the Law Practice Exchange

What's your law practice worth?

Episode 13.5: How do clients wish you talked about money? A mini-podcast with Gravity Legal’s own Emery Wager

How should lawyers think about money? The experts weigh in

Lawyers Putting Clients On Payment Plans

Episode 13: Is there an ideal size for a law firm? And what, if anything, does that have to do with the online legal gig economy? An interview with Greg Garman from LAWCLERK

From the Client's Perspective: How I Wish My Lawyer Would Talk about Money

Episode 12: How do you talk to clients about money? Eight mini-interviews with lawyers across the country about a crucial law practice conversation.

Unconventional Tools for Unconventional Times

Episode 11: Can you build a sustainable values-based law firm and offer services to clients at an affordable rate? An interview with Jacqueline Horani from Legally Unconventional

How to Boost Your Collection Rate

Incubating The Future

In Support of Civil Rights

Episode 10: What is the role of civil rights attorneys in the fight to rectify civil injustice? An interview with Geri Green and Cynthia Chandler

Dan Talks Law Firm Finances, Company Culture and More with Mark Homer of GNGF

Gravity Legal's Dan Lear and Emery Wager Featured on Martindale-Avvo's Legal Tech Event

Episode 9: A legal “plan?” What does that even mean? And why would you sell one to contractors? An interview with Seth Bloom from Levelset

Episode 8: Can you balance work and life? Should you even try? Is there anyone out there who can help you? An interview with Erin Giglia from Montage Legal Group

Simple Strategies To Cashflow Success For Your Law Firm (even during COVID)

Is Your Firm Ready for Re-entry?

Episode 7: How do you “show up” for your clients? And what does a premium subscription have to do with that? An interview with Kim Bennett from K. Bennett Law

The Most Important Things Lawyers Can Do in the Wake of COVID-19

Two Ways Law Firms Can Reduce the Cost of Accepting Credit Cards

Episode 6: An episode about accounting? Really? An interview with Chelsea Williams from Core Solutions Group, Inc.

4 Steps to Effective A/R Management

Episode 5: Can you sell legal services by subscription? Should you? An interview with Jon Tobin from Counsel for Creators

Episode 4: Can one small company change the world? Can one small law firm? An interview with Dan Price

Three Things I Learned from the HTM Coronavirus Growth Symposium and Why You Should Attend

Gravity Legal's Dan Lear Featured on the Clio Daily Matters Podcast

Episode 3: Why do trust accounts even exist? And why should we care?

Five Ways to Shore Up Your Law Firm's Finances Now

State Rules on Charging Clients a Fee for Paying With Credit Cards

Covid 19 Financial Resources for Firms and Their Clients

Episode 2: The Agile Attorney

Episode 1: Intro to Financially Legal

Oklahoma is Latest State Looking to Allow Credit Card Surcharges

The Real Cost of Accounts Receivable

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Decoding the Finance of Law

Financially Legal is a twice-monthly podcast on the finance and economics of entrepreneurial law firms and lawyering. Host, Dan Lear, talks with law firm leaders, academics, business professionals (both in and outside of law) and thought leaders to provide compelling and provocative content at the intersection of finance, economics, and law. 

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