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Episode 9: A legal “plan?” What does that even mean? And why would you sell one to contractors? An interview with Seth Bloom from Levelset

Posted by Dan Lear on June 24, 2020
Dan Lear

Seth Bloom is the Sr. Director of Attorney Services at Levelset. If you’re not familiar with Levelset, it’s a company that helps all kinds of contractors, but particularly those in the construction space get paid and focus on what they like to do. It’s most relevant for legal professionals because those contractors often file, manage, and – when things go south - litigate liens. Enter Seth and the network of attorneys he’s building to help those construction professionals sort all of that out; but Seth's story doesn’t start there.

Before Levelset he founded a startup in the legal plan space called Contractor Counsel that was designed to help contractors find and access legal help. He started his legal journey as a criminal defense lawyer in New Orleans, and he’s still the managing partner – with his name on the door – of Bloom Legal. He also took a turn in politics, which was something host Dan Lear didn’t know and dug into on the podcast. Join Dan for a great conversation with an entrepreneurial lawyer who has a keen eye for business opportunities in the legal sector.

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