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Episode 5: Can you sell legal services by subscription? Should you? An interview with Jon Tobin from Counsel for Creators

Posted by Dan Lear on April 29, 2020
Dan Lear

Subscriptions services for a law-firm? It might be what your clients are looking for.

Jon Tobin is running one of the most innovative law firms you’ve never heard of. Counsel For Creators is an LA-based law firm for creatives and entrepreneurs that sells a subscription to clients. In this episode of Financially Legal we talk with Jon about the inspiration behind his subscription legal services plan, how he made it a reality, how (amazingly) it’s morphing into a profitable, self-sustaining community, how he calls his clients members and what’s next for his bold firm.  

We discuss:

  • How subscription legal services work for Jon
  • The approach to subscriptions for small firms
  • Benefits of subscription services for a law firm
  • How to try new approaches at growing your practice.

Topics: Credit Card Fees, Financially Legal Episodes

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