Manikandan K P




Programmer • Roamer • Biology enthusiast



Manikandan's Story

This is Manikandan. A small bio about me.
Before any introduction, Manikandan wanted to make sure to thank his parents, Mr. Palanisamy and  Miss. Jayanthi. He attributes all that he is now to them. He is regularly inspired by his parents and considers his father to be his role-model.
From Erode, TamilNadu, India, Manikandan considers himself a Biology student gone rogue after accidentally enrolling in an IT course in college. He quickly realized it was no accident and that fate that had intervened. His love for technology is second only to his family.
Manikandan started his career in a  wonderful organization located in Chennai where he immediately felt the bond of his team as if it were a family. He enjoyed the work as he was constantly forced to adapt to new technology. Because of this, he is constantly on a personal journey to grow and better himself as a daily exercise.
His ultimate goal is to be able to support himself and take care of his parents. 
When he's not at work, he enjoys spending time with friends, exploring, and generally shooting the breeze.