Jose J Garcia


Jose J Garcia


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Jose's Story

I grew up in a small border city named Yuma, AZ. My main interests growing up were setting up pots and pans (because they made different sounds) and playing “drums” along to my dad’s Led Zeppelin albums. When I wasn’t causing a cacophony of pots and pans wailing, I was busy reading comic books. I was immediately drawn to Batman as he always seemed to do the right thing and help those that were being taken advantage of. This has stuck with me throughout my life.

Working in the mortgage industry AFTER the housing bubble crashed in 2007 made me realize how many people had been taken advantage of. Through my several positions, I was able to see the same problems from various different angles. Minorities and the elderly had been severely taken advantage of and I was now there trying to fix the problem. I needed to be more proactive if I wanted to be able to sleep at night. I wanted to be able to help people BEFORE things went south.

Because of the experiences in my professional life, I decided to leave the mortgage industry and try to find a place where I could do more good by helping people not be taken advantage of before it was too late. Gravity Payments and Gravity Legal allow me to do just that.